Grantees highlight the impact of your support

Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project was one of several grant organizations that received an Emergency Legal Relief COVID19 grant.

“Support from the Foundation helped the VLP remain nimble and responsive to the legal needs of our community as a result of COVID-19. In addition to the VLP’s established programs, funding enabled the organization to focus efforts on the VLP COVID-19 Frontline Workers Initiative developed to assist our frontline healthcare workers and the most vulnerable Brooklynites as a result of the pandemic. While heartbreaking to know the need for these services is so great, the VLP is proud to help provide a critical and immediate level of support for our essential frontline heroes and their families.” Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project



Through a grant to Legal Services of the Hudson Valley you helped veterans through their Veterans and Military Services, Seven-County Service Region program. 895 people were affected by this grant, including Mr. D.Mr. D. is a disabled veteran with PTSD who supports his adult daughter and grandchildren who live with him. Last year, Dan received notice of  overpayment for his veteran’s benefits; his benefits were reduced by over two-thirds and subjected to garnishment. With legal assistance from the Veterans and Military Services program of Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, Mr. D. succeeded in stopping the garnishment of his veteran’s benefits. He has able to continue paying rent and supporting his family.

“On behalf of all of us at Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, thank you for your continued support of our programming. We’re very grateful to have received private funding from The New York Bar Foundation, which supplemented other sources and enabled us to help an increased number of veterans and their families who were facing crisis with housing, family and consumer issues, among others.”



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